Custom shoes for Pippa and Dawn dolls from 'Dedos Delicados'

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 News for 2016-17

I am currently training to be a teacher and will have to submit many essays as well as actually teaching (secondary/teenage) classes. I think this is going to take up all my spare time between September 2016 and July 2017. So rather than potentially letting people down, I have decided to close my shop until July 2017. I hope you won't be too disappointed and will re-visit next year. Should I find I have more free time, I will re-open sooner.


I have been making custom shoes for Pippa and Dawn dolls for over 10 years under the 'Dedos Delicados' label.  If you have a special doll or doll's outfit that would be completed with a pair of unique, hand-crafted shoes perhaps I can help. 

All shoes are handmade from scratch, without the use of moulds, and take around 5 hours of work to complete, not including extended drying times for some of the materials used.

Each pair of shoes is unique and comes in a to scale shoebox, complete with tissue paper for your doll to unwrap.

Do have a look through the Gallery to view some past designs and see if anything sparks your interest or ideas.

In the online shop (payment with Paypal) items not currently in stock may still be ordered, but making time and delivery could take up to 28 working days.

Please e-mail me with your requirements so I can make your shoes to your specifications BEFORE you pay.  Contact me here!

Thank you for your interest!

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